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WELCOME to the new and (hopefully) improved MyBlogOrlando website. Several of our original members have asked me to "spice up" the site a little, to both improve its content and appearence. This is the beginning of what will hopefully be an ongoing process of improvements and additions to our little community.


I am trying to do these updates in a way that will allow the original blog (actually forum) to continue to function as it did before, with the addition of a face lift. Once I make the initial transition over to the new format, the blogs appearence will change to better match the rest of the site. From then on, you will access the blogs by first accessing the home page (this page) of the new site. This home page will eventually contain additional content which I may change at any time in order to better serve our members. This page may also contain links and ads to other sites, services, and products.


Having the site set up this way will allow me to easily add as many additional pages of content (photo blogs, photo galleries, video or music content, links etc) to the site as needed. Please bare with me as I make these changes as I am sure there will be some glitches along the way. As always comments and suggestions are welcome. I will set up a blog where you can post comments and suggestions.



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